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  • Acts of leadership and a 25 year vision

    Published 23/11/23, by Jacqueline Bircham

    2048 is a long way off, but the action starts now

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  • One Ipswich: Making It Happen

    Published 23/06/23, by Jacqueline Bircham

    So what did happen at our June event?

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  • When young people ask the questions...

    Published 13/04/23, by Jacqueline Bircham

    Youth insights and solutions from the peer action collective.

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  • The Power of Youth

    Published 31/03/23, by Jacqueline Bircham

    Colin Kreidewolf, Ipswich Borough Councillor for Westgate Ward talks about the power of youth in place based work.

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  • Have you taken part yet?

    Published 14/03/23, by Jacqueline Bircham

    Why we need voices from all sectors in the "Festival of Ipswich Voices"

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