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19th June 2023, 11-2, Adastral Park, One Ipswich - Making it Happen

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So we met as over 200 allies in January 2023 (pics below), made space to hear young people's views, considered how our system doesn't always work for everyone and launched the Festival of Ipswich Voices.

This conference on 19th June will focus on how we change the system, how we work together to make Ipswich a welcoming, equitable, compassionate, aspirational town that lifts up every young person in the way they want and need.

Young people will design and deliver this conference, so watch this space for an agenda and more details.

But have faith, it will be another inspiring, and importantly, action focused event.

To find out more about how this event fits into the ISMA's first year of strategy development visit our website.

Are you an organisation or community group that works with or for children and young people in Ipswich? If you feel that as a system we could work better together to meet the needs of children, young people and their families, then join us to start a big conversation about how we do that.

Ipswich Social Mobility Alliance (ISMA) aspires to be simply that - an alliance of organisations and groups supporting children and young people to meet their potential, one that crosses all sectors. ISMA is not a new or additional organisation in the system adding complexity - it's all of us working together to create a shared strategy to share our insights, act earlier to meet needs, and support children and young people as they transition between life events, interventions and organisations. And at the heart of the strategy is the voice of young people

Who should come?

Any organisation or community group with an interest in improving the life chances of children and young people should send a rep - ideally two - a key decision maker, and a member of staff who works closest with children or their families. In small organisations that may be the same person.

So our audience should be a great mix of senior leaders in schools and colleges, teaching assistants or family liaison officers, CEOs, youth workers, early years setting managers, business leaders, child care assistants, youth group leaders, front line staff and leaders in a range of statutory and charitable organisations. Better still, bring a young ambassador from your organisation who can bring their experience and insight to our big conversation.