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ACT 2 Amplify the Power of Youth in Ipswich

Our second challenge is about building and nurturing a clear sense of respect for our young people.

One side of the coin is how we listen, the other is how we celebrate and involve them, and make space for their leadership.

People feel valued when they feel noticed, heard and involved, and we demonstrate that we have done so by empathetic listening, targeted support, and expressing appreciation of those things that need amplification. 

These following acts of leadership are our commitments this year:

  • We will meet with local media and influencers to brief them on ISMA activity and find ways to secure positive reporting and celebratory coverage:

  • We will create a series of “hackathons” through the “Youth Switching On Ipswich” project - enabling young people to takeover Ipswich organisations and lead the debate on the future of the town:


  • We will create a primary school alumni programme, giving young people moving into secondary school the chance to shape how their primary schools can be community anchors and lead place based social action:

  • We will increase the number of organisations in Ipswich that sign up to the Power of Youth Charter and deliver on their commitments:


  • We will develop a Community of Practice Network for Power of Youth Charter signatories to share approaches to amplifying youth voice and empowering young people’s influence within organisations: