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ACT 3 Build the Ipswich Village

Our ecosystem is essential to the alliance - it takes a village to raise a child. Within education, we work to identify and strengthen links from Early Years to Higher Education, and between different settings/providers at the same educational stage. We encourage the concept of schools as community ‘anchors’. We consider the links between family and carers, and their child's school, and what can be done to support the success of that relationship. We audit and involve other providers like clubs, sports facilities, health services, libraries. 

We reflect the input of community members, including incidental serendipitous connections like shopkeepers, bus drivers etc. We also look long term by including organisations, including employers, which will be part of adult life to start that conversation. Our goal is to strip down the barriers that separate the aspects of people’s lives, at every stage.

From a pragmatic stance we also focus on maximising the value of investment of time and money, minimising duplication and uniting activity streams. 

  • We will create a strong programme of parental involvement opportunities with education providers:


  • We will run an event bringing together organisations offering opportunities and support for families, children and young people for educators, so that they have a clearer understanding of the ecosystem:


  • We will grow the Eastern Colleges Group business engagement model and Ormiston Youth Social Action model into more schools and colleges in Ipswich:


  • We will ensure financial resilience of the ISMA community by seeking funding for programme management and future partner projects:


  • We will leverage the support of Ipswich business and larger county-wide partners through the Wolsey 550 project and Diocese organised Suffolk Youth Intervention Group: