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Festival of Ipswich Voices

In Spring 2023 ISMA members asked young people to share their vision for Ipswich, the opportunities they have or want in their town, and the challenges and barriers that they face.

We asked:

  • What is your vision for Ipswich, and for your future?
  • What are the opportunities that you value here, what would you like to see more of?
  • What are the challenges and barriers that young people in Ipswich face that can hold them back?
  • What else do you want to say to the organisations that have the power to help?

You can see their responses here on our Festival of Ipswich Voices map.

We also asked young people to lead two key events at the start and end of our festival period, with organisations across Ipswich, to explore how young people want to be the architects of change in their town and how we can empower and support them.

All of this fed into our strategy and action plan.