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Our Action Plan 2023-24

Our 25 year strategy strategy sets our ambitions for a generation of change.

Each year the ISMA steering committee will publish an action plan, highlighting 3 key aims that our young people tell us we should focus on in pursuit of our vision.

Each of these aims will be achieved through acts of leadership from young people and ISMA partner organisations.

These acts of leadership will inspire and bring together individuals and organisations across Ipswich to create the future our children and young people are asking for.

Our 2023-24 aims are:

  1. Create a safer Ipswich

  2. Amplify the power of youth in Ipswich

  3. Establish the “Ipswich Village”

Embedded in this plan is an additional aim in our first year is to build the capacity of ISMA to ensure we can sustainably work together for the next 25 years.


Our thanks to Erika Clegg Strategy and Planning for her support in capturing all the words and ideas of young people and organisations and bringing them together for this strategy and action plan, and dreaming up the "Ipswich Connected Life Model"